Applying to Medical School

I know a few of you may come to my blog with a specific topic in mind, so this is my attempt to make it easier for you to access what you need as I increase the number of posts.

Low GPA? Low MCAT? There's Still Hope!

Application Timeline

Do Upper Level Science Courses Help in Medical School?

Letters of Recommendation

Pursuing Osteopathic Medicine

Deciding Between a Post-Bacc, SMP, or Another Degree

Resources & Advice for Finding a Good Mentor

Choosing a Medical School: Apply Broadly!

Selecting Schools and Narrowing Down the List

Personal Statement Advice

Personal Statement Advice Part II

My Full Personal Statement

Online Coursework and Getting a Masters degree vs Doing a Post Bac

Non-traditional students



Extracurricular Activities (ECs)

Interview Day

Money Matters

Dealing with Rejection

Research and Publications


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