Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Au Revoir, Louisiana! Hello, Georgia!

Our last night in Louisiana :-)

The past week has been super busy and even more stressful, but I’m back!!!! On Thursday, I said goodbye to life in Louisiana and hello to a new beginning in Georgia.

Last Monday, I moved out of my apartment in Baton Rouge and spent a few days in NOLA. This was supposed to be a relaxing time, but I still had some goodbyes to make and there were a few places that I just had to visit before I left. On my last night in Louisiana, I was super excited because I had the chance to have dinner with Dr. Angela Green and get some last minute advice from her. I love meeting people, and talking to her really reassured me of my ability to do great in medical school. (If you haven’t checked out her Minority Women in Medicine interview yet, then CLICK HERE!)

Over a decade of friendship!

On Thursday morning, I started the drive to Georgia extra early, but I couldn’t leave without seeing a very good friend of mine since childhood. She didn’t even mind that it was six in the morning, LOL. I was back on the road a few minutes after that, and the rest of my drive was fairly smooth until I reached the downtown Atlanta area. I had previously lived close to Atlanta during my high school years, but for some reason I completely forgot about the traffic! It held me up for a bit, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the house, my S.O. was still an hour and a half behind me with the truck, and he left before me! I had also assumed that the people I knew would be available to help, but that turned out to not work too well since I asked the day before and they had work obligations. I was so tired from the drive that I was just going to move the beds in and worry about the other stuff the next day, but a neighbor saw us struggling and asked to help out. We had everything moved in the house in less than an hour! I was so happy! The best part of the day though was the box of anatomy, pathology, and microbiology flashcards left on the counter for me by the student I am renting from. It definitely got me pumped for school, and I am sure I will be using them frequently.

What better housewarming gift than med school flashcards?!?!

Other than that, the rest of my time here has been pretty peaceful. My internet wasn’t set up until the weekend, so I have not responded to any e-mails, but I will be doing so shortly. My daughter is also happy with the move and adjusting pretty well. We spent the 4th of July shopping, and today I took her to her first dine-in movie theatre. She has been having a blast, and tomorrow she will be going to spend a week or two with her cousins who don’t live too far from me. That will give me enough time to get her registered for school and take care of all the stuff I need to do before classes start. My S.O. had to drive back to NOLA to take care of his mother for the next month or two, so that means I will have the next couple of weeks to myself. I’m looking forward to relaxing and really enjoying the last few weeks I have to really be free. Only a month and a half left to go!

Her first dine-in movie theatre experience

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