Sunday, August 17, 2014

Say Good-Bye to the Pre-Med and Hello to the Medical Student!

Orientation is over and my first official day as a medical student starts tomorrow! I have no idea what to expect, and the best way to describe my emotions would be a mixture of anxiety, happiness, and overall eagerness. I probably shouldn’t be too excited, because I’m pretty sure I’m about to be hit with schoolwork like a ton of bricks, but I’ve been waiting on this moment for so long! I’m finally on the right track to fulfilling my dreams, so I’m definitely excited for this new phase that I am about to enter into.

Some of the Awesome Students of GA-PCOM Class of 2018

As for the recap on orientation, I had a blast with my classmates at Dave and Buster’s, but I decided to not go to the final night events which included mini golf and a tour of the local brewery. After sitting through orientation speeches all day, I was just tired! The final day of orientation wasn’t too bad though, as we had the task of working on a class mission statement and writing ourselves a letter that we will be given back in four years at graduation. I thought this was a pretty neat idea, and hopefully I won’t read it and roll my eyes at what I wrote in four years LOL.

At graduation, I will get to read a self-written letter to myself

There were two things that were said at orientation that really stuck out at me. The first was “how you do in medical school has absolutely no bearing on your future. All you have to do is survive it.” The second was “the race is not for the swift, but for those who endure.” The first one gave me a little encouragement that I will still succeed even if I’m not the smartest or best in my class, and the second one made me reflect on my pre-med journey. As most of you are aware, getting into medical school was an extremely long and hard road for me. I endured a lot over the last few years, but by staying persistent, I’ve managed to stay on the right track. I know there are going to be way more challenges in medical school, so hopefully I’ll remember to just stay in my lane and keep going. I really don’t plan on worrying about how everyone else is doing or how I compare to them, because we do not share the same goals. My focus really will be on surviving and learning as much as I can so that my future patients can receive the best care possible.

I love getting new school supplies!

I won’t go on and on about that though because I’m trying to keep this post somewhat short. As for my last free weekend, I must say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Yesterday, I had the chance to sleep in and it was so wonderful. This morning, I was surprised with an Amazon Prime shipment on my doorstep. I just can’t get over the awesomeness of free two-day shipping and Sunday delivery! Plus, all my anatomy stuff came which is important, because we start with back dissections tomorrow. Super excited! My daughter also had a birthday party to attend today, so we spent a few hours at Chuck E. Cheese. Apparently, some of my other classmates spent the day pre-studying, but I didn’t have that luxury. Parenting never stops for me, and since I know spending time with my daughter is about to become limited, I wanted to make sure I took advantage of the opportunity. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with the rest of the class. But anyway, that’s it for now. I may have to start posting once a week, but I do plan on keeping up with this blog. I also plan on continuing to answer everyone’s questions, but don’t be upset if it takes me a little longer than usual. I’m a busy medical student now!  


  1. Hello,
    I love following your blog and feel that PCOM-GA will be my top choice when I am prepared to apply to medical school.
    I have a child and he will be starting first grade, if I understand the age requirement for GA correctly, if I matriculate to PCOM-GA.
    My concern is the start times I see for the area elementary schools. Are the classes at PCOM-GA from 8-5, pretty much each day? If so, what have you organized in order to get to your class on time when the elementary schools do not begin until 8:20 or 8:50? Is your daughter on the bus early enough for you to get to your class on time? What have you planned for when her school day ends?
    I'm just trying to plan ahead and appreciate any information you can give as I know you are also a single parent.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi and thanks for reading! The class schedule runs from 8-5 pretty much every day and there are some days where it can go until 6pm. The elementary schools are a little weird here from what I'm used to though. My daughter's school starts pretty early and her bus arrives at 7:15, so I never have to worry about being late to class. Another elementary school right down the street doesn't start until 8:50 though and the buses run later. It literally depends on what school is in your zone for the start time, so be aware of that when looking for housing. Also, there is no after-school care provided in my daughter's school, but they gave me a list of about 20 programs that have a bus that will take your child to their program. Most, if not all of the after-school programs run until 6:30pm, so it will not interfere with class time. Hope this helps, but e-mail me if you have any more questions!


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