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Maevn Uniforms EON Collection Review and Giveaway!!!!!

Pictured: Maevn EON V-Neck Pocket Top and Full Elastic Cargo Pant (Small, Regular, Lavender)

Maevn Uniforms recently provided me with scrubs from their new EON Collection in return for my honest review, and I think I finally found a brand of scrubs that I am in love with! Better yet, Maevn Uniforms has graciously offered to give away a FREE set of scrubs from their new EON Collection to one of my lucky readers in YOUR choice of color, size, and style! It seriously doesn’t get any better than that, so keep reading for my full review and make sure to enter at the end of this post for your chance to win a pair of these awesome scrubs!

Pictured: Maevn EON V-Neck Pocket Top and Full Elastic Cargo Pant (Small, Regular, Lavender)

The first thing I noticed about both sets of scrubs was the fabric. The Maevn Uniforms EON Collection is the first scrub line to be made with CoolMax Everyday Fabric, and this is basically the same fabric used in athletic wear to keep you cool and dry as you’re working out. As a super active medical student, this is great for me because I am constantly running around and on my feet. I also live in the South and am always breaking a sweat, so it’s really nice to have scrubs that immediately wick away the moisture and don’t make me look like I just jumped into a pool. Also, the fabric feels extremely nice on these scrubs! They definitely weren’t stiff and the scrubs felt really good against my skin. They were also really breathable. I usually can’t wait to take my scrubs off when I get home, but these were so comfortable that I kept them on the entire day.

Pictured: Maevn Active Sporty Mesh Panel Top and Sporty Mesh Panel Pants (Small. Regular, Wine)


The multiple pockets were my absolute favorite thing about the scrubs. There is no such thing as too many pockets and these scrubs had the perfect amount! On the Maevn EON V-Neck Pocket Top, there were a total of 4 pockets. There were two regular pockets, one hidden in the right pocket, and an upper left pocket big enough to fit a cell phone (I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 to give you an idea of sizing). It also had a small hook on the top left pocket that is perfect for placing your ID. The Maevn EON Full Elastic Cargo Pant had a total of 7 pockets! One of the pockets had a zipper and there was also one further down the right leg. I was seriously in pocket heaven!!!! It was so great being able to put my keys, cards, phone, etc. in my pockets and keep it moving. I usually use my white coat to hold my extra items, but I prefer not to wear it out in public, so it’s usually a hassle trying to hold everything in my hand when I want to make a quick stop at the grocery store or something of that nature, so I am absolutely all for pockets, pockets, and more pockets!

The EON Active Sporty Mesh Panel Top had four pockets, but they were slightly different than the other style. There were two regular pockets and then on the far right side there was a zipper pocket the size of my cell phone, and another of the same size on the left that did not zip. I actually really liked the zipper pocket on these because I was able to put my phone in it, zip it, and not worry about it. The Sporty Mesh Panel Jacket had pockets exactly similar to the top, and for all, it didn’t feel awkward when I filled the pockets (I hardly noticed I had extra stuff in them). The Sporty Mesh Panel Pants didn’t have a lower side pocket, but the two back pockets had a zipper and I really liked that. 

Pictured: Maevn Active Sporty Mesh Panel Top and Pants (Small. Regular, Wine)


I received so many compliments on the colors of the scrubs. I wore the Sporty Mesh style in the Wine color, and the Maevn EON style in Lavender. The lavender was my favorite, but the colors were very vivid for both. These scrubs look extremely nice for the cost and the color seems like it will last a very long time. Additionally, one of my friends commented that the Sporty Mesh style worn with the jacket looked like a nice set of gym clothes. This is a plus because even though I am wearing scrubs, I can still go out in public and not have everyone notice that I have them on. When I see scrubs worn in public, I generally start thinking about the germ factor, so these are super nice to have if you have other obligations that require you to wear them outside of a clinical setting. Plus, the pants are nice enough that they could be worn and passed off as just a regular set of pants.

Pictured: Maevn Active Sporty Mesh Jacket, Top, and Pants (Small, Regular, Wine)


The fit was something I was really concerned about when I was deciding what size to choose. I am extremely large busted, but pretty small everywhere else, so scrubs generally tend to be a hit or miss, and I often have to mix and match sizes. Just the other day, I was looking at a pair of store brand scrub pants that I have in a size small and one leg was literally the size of my body! What I really liked about these scrubs was the elastic waistband (I tend to have trouble keeping scrubs up otherwise), and they were extremely true to size. I went by the sizing chart on the website and ordered a size small in the tops, bottoms, and jacket, and they all fit perfectly. The jacket even zipped with no problems and it didn’t look like it was smothering me. Maevn Uniforms also offers the choice of petite, regular, and tall sizing, so this is another plus. I ordered the regular sizing (I am 5’5.5”) and had no issues. I like my scrubs to cover my shoes and have just the right amount of bagginess in case I have to get in weird positions, and these did not disappoint.

Last Thoughts

So overall, I really loved these scrubs! Between the pockets, the fabric, the look, and the fit, they were pretty much perfect in every way. Whether you’re a premedical student, medical student, or other healthcare professional, these scrubs are definitely a must-have! I am absolutely positive that you will fall in love with them just as much as I did :-)

Enter below for your chance to win a free pair of scrubs from the Maevn EON Collection. Also, if you don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, and just want to buy a pair now, Maevn’s collection is available nationwide at 500 specialty stores that carry medical scrubs and accessories. For more information, and to find a retailer near you, please visit:

(Giveaway Open To US Residents Only) 
Scrubs provided by Maevn Uniforms for my review, but all opinions are my own!

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