Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy National Osteopathic Medicine Week!

Happy National Osteopathic Medicine Week!!!!! This week is dedicated to not only increasing awareness of osteopathic medicine, but also to celebrating the many osteopathic physicians both past and present who help continue to make osteopathic medicine so great! I am truly blessed to be able to attend an osteopathic medical school, and I know the osteopathic philosophy and principles that I learn on a daily basis will help me become a highly-skilled, caring, and excellent physician. If you're reading this, and you're not familiar with osteopathic medicine, I have placed a few pictures below that can help provide you with more information. Of course, in the true fashion of celebrating osteopathic medicine, I had an OMM exam this morning, and will take my practical exam tomorrow afternoon along with other exams this week, so I'm off to go study! Shout-out to all the amazing DO's out there, because you guys are just simply awesome :-)

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