Sunday, June 28, 2015

DiverseMedicine Inc – Web Based Mentoring for All!

With it being application season for pre-medical students, and the fact that a ton of medical students (along with myself) are always looking for physician mentors, it is only fitting to have a post about DiverseMedicine Inc.

If you haven’t already, please go to (or click on the DM logo to the right of your screen if you’re in desktop mode), sign up, and check out all that it has to offer! It is a completely free website that provides mentors to both pre-medical and medical students, in addition to having many other awesome features. The DiverseMedicine website also provides forums where you can ask any questions that you may have regarding medicine, and the cool thing is that you can get answers from your peers and physicians alike. What really sets this website apart from others like it though, is its committed focus to underrepresented ethnic groups. One of the things that I have talked about often (and is a major reason for the creation of my own blog) is that I do not see a lot of others like myself largely represented in all fields of medicine. DiverseMedicine does a great job of shining a spotlight on these individuals while helping to connect its members to people that can help them reach their goals. The website also boosts videos, podcasts, and even a “Doctor Like You!” spotlight that highlights and interviews physicians in various fields. Medical students can even find a very helpful array of practice clinical cases and lecture series.

I was recently connected with a physician in the surgical subspecialty that I am interested in through DiverseMedicine, and he not only answered all of my questions, but provided me with an amazing list of suggestions to help me on my path. I have also had the chance to answer questions from pre-medical students on the site, and it has been really rewarding for me in that aspect as well. I definitely think it is a website worth being a part of for anyone interested in medicine.

To further increase your interest, I recently joined the DiverseMedicine leadership team as the Director of Articles and Blogs, so if you like reading this blog, then you’ll love reading posts from physicians and others in medically related fields. There really is something for everybody on the site, so don’t take it from me, go and check it out for yourself!


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