Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Can Almost See the Light at the End of the Tunnel!!!!

The 3rd term neuro note stack...crazy!!!!

I told myself I wouldn’t write another post until after I finished final exams, but I think now is a good time to take a little breather to update everyone. Today I took (and passed) my last neuro exam and I am so happy that the course is over! I still have an OMM practical exam tomorrow along with a primary care skills written exam on Thursday, but right now the worst is behind me. Plus, I received some amazing news earlier today that has me on cloud nine right now. I honestly just want to stop everything and celebrate, but I have to keep reminding myself that I still have two more exams to go.

I think this term has been the most draining for me this year. It wasn’t necessarily the hardest, but it definitely felt like first term on steroids.  I think the hardest part was getting down the spinal tracts and pathways in the beginning of the term, but once that was out of the way, it was somewhat smooth sailing. And as much as I loved being back in anatomy lab, I really wasn’t a fan of the lab practical exams or the brain in general. Luckily, I have no interest in becoming a neurosurgeon, but I will probably take some time during the summer to brush up on my weak points, since it will inevitably show up on the medical board exams. I just can’t believe that in two days, I will officially be a second-year medical student!

On another note, I am completely child-free at the moment and won’t know what to do with myself when this term ends, LOL. My wonderful parents agreed to watch my daughter for the next month to give me a break from having to pay for child care and also to give me time to relax. My daughter has spent time with my parents during the summer before, but this will be the very first time where she will be away from me and I don’t have to worry about school and work or any other major responsibilities. Straight freedom!!!!! My plan is to travel and enjoy my free time, but I may also have to look for some type of summer employment to cover where my student loans are lacking. The little one seems to be having a great time already though. Before she left, my classmates came over and did her hair for the summer so my parents wouldn’t have to worry about doing it every day, and she just loves showing it off. Plus, she called me tonight while I was on campus practicing OMM, and while I thought the voicemail would be along the lines of how much she misses me, it went more like this: “Hi Mommy, I need you to call me when you get a chance because I need you to give me my friend’s number. Oh, and I just wanted to see how my wonderful medical student doctor is doing!” Haha, all I could think was good save little one!!!! I am just glad she is happy and enjoying herself because I know she would be bored out of her mind dealing with all this studying I’ve been doing if she were here right now. I also realized that having her around keeps me pretty grounded and on track with my studying. I now understand how my classmates without children get easily distracted with sleeping or relaxing a little too much. Oddly, it’s a lot harder to manage your time when you no longer have to wake up at 6am or worry about setting your schedule around someone else’s.

But anyway, the end of term means I will have a lot more time to write new posts. I looking forward to sharing with you all the things I learned throughout the year, and I know it is also application season, so I will definitely be writing posts and responding to messages regarding the process. Right now, I am going to do some last minute studying for tomorrow to make sure I have all the basics down, so I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful week!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Well done this year!!

  2. Congratulations!!! Love reading about your success. Enjoy your break!


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