Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ECGs, Parties, and Awkward Paintings

Learning ECG tracings and playing with my phone features

I’m a week and a half into my second year of medical school, and loving every second of it! It’s definitely way more material to digest than first year, but it’s by far more interesting! Right now, I am taking a little study break because I just spent the last few hours trying to understand ECG tracings and figure out where things lie on a QRS axis. I’m still not 100% confident with the material, but luckily our first exam isn’t until Monday, so I still have some time to get it right. The first exam will cover mostly cardiac physiology, pathology, and pharmacology, so I still have a lot that I need to master in the next few days. Second year is already proving to be way more time-consuming that my first year was, but I actually enjoy learning the material since it is all very clinical based.

Gorgeous Future Physicians!!!!

The school wasted no time getting us back into the swing of things last week, but I was able to stay on track and even have a fun weekend. One of my classmates finally turned 21, so we all went out to Atlanta to celebrate on Friday. It was our first time being back together as a group since the end of first year, and I think I finally got enough of the party/summer mode out of my system so that I can really focus this term. We got some great pics out of it too :-)

I love it when I can get dressed up and go out :-)

The next morning, I volunteered at a SOMA 5K table sit and brought the little one along. I have no idea what I was thinking volunteering to be up at 8am when I knew I would be out partying until the early morning the night before, but I made it through. My daughter had a blast though, and she enjoyed interacting with my classmates and eating food that should have been for the runners, LOL. I was sent a photo yesterday of her that someone took at the event, and I had to include it on the blog because it is just too cute!

Love this girl!!!!

On Sunday, I took my daughter to a painting studio to hang out with and meet one of the daughters of a friend at my school who is in the biomedical masters program. It was funny because we met during orientation a year ago, and knew we were both single mothers, but never noticed our daughters were the same age. I’m all for my daughter making new friends because that means she can play with them instead of bugging me when I’m studying! The girls had a great time, so we will definitely be having some play dates and switch-offs in the future. The painting studio was also an interesting experience since it was the first time the little one and I went to one. Oddly, the painting of the day was a flower, and while literally EVERYONE in the studio was following the instructor and painting beautiful flowers, my crazy child saw a painting of a wine glass on the wall and decided to paint it! For the record, I don’t even drink red wine, so I have no idea why that particular picture caught her eye, but considering she painted it with no guidance whatsoever, her painting came out amazingly well! She insisted that I hang it up on the wall in her room, so I just hope no one questions it when they come over, because there really is no explaining that one!

Mommy/Daughter Artwork

Well, I think that’s about it, and I want to get in a couple more hours of studying before I call it a night, so I hope everyone is having a great week! I probably won’t post again until after the first exam, but hopefully that will be a happy post. Apparently, it’s also National Dog Day, and since I am still babysitting my parents’ dog, I’ll end the post with a picture I took of her earlier today :-) Until next time!

Happy National Dog Day!!!!


  1. Hello,
    I am a single mother to two toddlers. I am not in medical school, yet, as I still have to officially finish my bachelor degree (this is my last semester) and then finish up my prerequisites to medical school. But, I notice you have so many pictures of having a night on the town or taking a trip for a conference. I do not have any free time. I realize my kids are still really young and I hope it gets better when they actually begin school.
    My question is: Who do you have watch your daughter when you go out with friends or go to a conference? Do you have a nanny or is there a different option you have found to care for your daughter? I would just like to have a more balanced academic/family/social life like you seem to have, so any advice you have will be appreciated.
    I love your blog! :)

    1. Hi and thanks for reading! Your comment gave me a great idea for a blog post because I'm sure many of my newer readers probably wonder the same thing. I do not have a nanny, and when I go out for a night event or to a conference, usually one of my classmates will watch my daughter. On the rare occasions that I want to go out with all my classmates (such as in the more recent post, I use to find a sitter). I like to stress that my child is older, because when she was younger I really didn't have a social life, and felt pretty much the same as you. It definitely gets better though. Be on the look out soon for a blog post answering your question in more detail, but for now I hope this helps!


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