Friday, January 22, 2016

Stay Warm, Folks!!!!

Friday Selfie :-)
Happy Friday!!!! I know I said I would do a post last weekend, but nothing really noteworthy has happened since I last wrote. I took my first reproductive exam and managed to do fairly well on it, so I treated myself with a two day break last weekend of absolutely nothing school or board exam related. After about 24 hours, I was bored out of my mind! LOL The boredom quickly faded after that when I spent the next two days preparing for my OMM written exam and practical, which I took on Wednesday. Those two exams completely wore me out, and I’m still kicking myself in the head for my performance during the practical exam. Hopefully when I get the results back next week it will show that I didn’t perform too bad. The odd thing is I probably practiced for this one more than any other practical, but my tendency to over analyze everything most likely got in the way this time. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world, nor the end of the course. Plus, my daughter enjoyed bonding with me while I used her as a patient for practice :-)

My Favorite OMM Patient :-)
Outside of that, I am currently at home staying warm and happy! They closed my campus at 1:30 today and then my daughter’s school ended up having a ten minute early dismissal. It’s cold, raining, and the temperature is supposed to drop below freezing tonight, so staying in and staying warm is a no-brainer for us. I also got a new library book, so I’m really hoping to get all of my studying done early so I can relax a little and enjoy it. I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful weekend, and to those of you braving the storm in the Northeast, please stay warm and safe this weekend!


  1. Hey hun, hope all is well when you get a chance check your school email I sent you a message!

    1. Yep, got it! I'll respond more in depth tomorrow after my exam lol


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