Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Featured in Forbes!!!!

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Disclaimer: This is a bit of a late post, but I wanted to have a record of this moment on the blog, so copying and pasting the first part of this from my previous Instagram post :)

 I am beyond humbled, honored, and excited to be included in a Forbes article highlighting women of color medical students and graduates who matched this year! Even better is the fact that I personally know a few of the phenomenal women featured alongside me and can vouch for their awesomeness 💕⁣⁣

My journey up to this point has been full of ups and downs, but I am thankful for every single moment. Over the years, I was told by many people that I should give up on my dreams. First, I was told that as a single mother with a low GPA and MCAT that I would never make it into medical school. Well, it took five years, three application cycles, a graduate degree, and a career in research before I was accepted into medical school, but I made it through and thrived.⁣
After finishing medical school and failing to match more than once, I was told there would be no way I could ever achieve my dream of becoming a surgeon. Well, that also took a while (I even became an urgent care physician along the way), but now I am finally on the road to achieving my dream of becoming a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. ⁣
I write all of this to say don't ever let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible or your goals are unachievable. Sure you might have to fight a little harder, take a few detours, make sacrifices, and work your butt off all while trying to ignore the naysayers, but what is meant to be will be. Just as long as you don't give up.⁣

Just want to take the time to say THANK YOU to everyone reading this post who has been following along on my blog over the years. It's definitely been quite the journey and while a lot of people dismissed my dreams and gave up on me, I continued to receive a lot of encouragement and supportive emails from my followers. Y'all helped give me the push I needed to keep  going, and while the journey is far from over, I know I'll be able to count on the support of my readers during this next chapter. I am appreciative beyond words and hope to make everyone proud. Excited for what's to come! 

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