Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Feeling Loved :-)

My first stethoscope!!!!

I am so lucky to have an awesome man in my life who fully supports my dreams and who is not afraid to show he cares. This weekend, he surprised me with my first stethoscope and I love it! It even has my name engraved on it! I cannot wait to begin medical school in the fall. As the date approaches, things are definitely starting to feel real now, and I could not be any happier.

I am also starting to realize just how important it is to have people close to you that really do support you, and I am glad that I will have this when I start medical school. I have gotten pretty used to doing everything on my own, but I am definitely not against having a little help. Lately I have been reading things written by medical students, and it seems that the majority of them contribute their success to their significant others and/or family members. There also seems to be the consensus that it is good to have friends around from outside of the medical world as a way to stay grounded. I just have to remember to try and make time for time for life outside of school. Fortunately, I have a daughter who will help with that, so I am not too worried. Also, having parenting help will definitely be a new experience, but I only see positive things coming out of it in the long run. Anyway, it’s late and I don’t want to start rambling. I just wanted to show everyone my awesome gift, and I hope you all have a very productive and fantastic week!


  1. So very happy for you and I know he thinks you're awesome too!


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