Friday, February 27, 2015

Another Successful Term of Medical School Completed!

Snow in Georgia!

Wow, what a week! This was the last week of the term, but it was anything but predictable. Tuesday morning we were greeted with snow, but luckily nothing was closed. Coming from Louisiana, my daughter had only seen snow once in her life (although she doesn’t remember it), so she was super excited to see and play in all the snow. As you can see in the picture above, even though it was seven in the morning, she was all smiles. On Wednesday, we had a winter storm come through the area, and while my daughter’s school made the decision to close the night before, I didn’t receive notification from my school until around 5am that morning. Having both schools closed definitely saved me the headache of trying to find her a sitter while I went to mandatory case discussions (since the daycare centers were also closed in the area), and I appreciated the study time. The professors also found a way for us to complete the assignments together online, so it didn’t interfere with us missing questions on today’s exam. Yesterday, my school had a 2-hour delay though, so that meant taking an exam that was originally scheduled for the morning in the afternoon. Luckily, my daughter’s school didn’t have a delay yesterday, so everything was business as usual.  

Notes from my 2nd term of medical school!

Today I completed (and passed) my final exam of second term, which means that spring break has officially begun! The past few months have been a bit of a blur, but I am happy to have conquered yet another milestone, and I am actually looking forward to what next term has in store. To give you an idea of how intense this term has been, I took a picture of my note stack. Although most of my notes were typed out, front and back, it still stacked up to be almost a foot tall! I think last term’s notes only measured about five inches, so it is safe to say that this term was way more intense. Oddly enough, I felt this term was way more manageable than the last. I don’t know if I finally managed to adapt to the course load or if it was because the material was more interesting, but I really loved this term. I also feel like I had a lot more free time to do things I enjoyed, and I definitely was a lot less stressed out during my exams which were reflected in much better grades this time around. I hope I can keep up the good streak next term, but that will also be when we hit all neuro subjects, so I am slightly nervous. For now, I am going to take the week to really enjoy myself and mentally prepare for the final term of my first year. Right after today’s exam, I went to the movies to see Focus (which I enjoyed), and this evening will be spent watching Netflix. I managed to get into House of Cards over the winter break, so I am super excited that the new season was released today! I also plan on having a ton of mother-daughter bonding time this weekend, because there wasn’t as much of it as I would’ve liked this term due to Monday exams always being around the corner. No worries though, because I will definitely be putting up a few posts within the next week that will hopefully help out both pre-medical and medical students.   

Anyway, I am off to enjoy my evening. Just a heads up to any medical or pre-medical students that tomorrow is the last day to register without late fees for the SNMA national conference on April 1-5, 2015 in New Orleans. Not only will I be in attendance, but I will also be a part of one of the workshops (more details to come once confirmed), so I look forward to meeting you guys! And if meeting me doesn’t convince you to attend, then CLICK HERE to see why this is such a wonderful opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Until next time!


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