Monday, March 9, 2015

Term 3: Let's Go!

Ready to study the brain and everything that comes with it!

Today was the first day of my third term of medical school, which means I will be consumed with neuroanatomy for the next thirteen weeks, but I am also thirteen weeks closer to finishing my first year of medical school! I have mixed emotions about this term, mainly because I didn’t do so well when I took neurobiology as an undergrad, but I am definitely excited to learn about the human brain. We will also be back in the anatomy lab this term studying our cadaver brains and spinal cords, so that should be fun as well. The one thing that I am not excited about is having lab practical exams again, but hopefully it won’t be as bad as first term when we had to cover the entire body.

Spring break treats

As for my spring break recap, I pretty much did very little the entire week and it was wonderful. I went out for tea (because I don’t drink coffee) with one of my classmates one day last week, but aside from that, nothing spectacular happened. For the most part, I would wake up at my normal time to get my daughter ready for school, take her to the bus stop, and then come back home and sleep until 3 or 4pm when I would go pick her up. I guess I was extremely sleep-deprived, because it didn’t affect my night-time sleeping habits, and I did it just about every day. I guess I got my fill though, because last night I absolutely could not fall asleep at all, and I’m still going strong at the moment. I’m pretty sure I will end up going to bed early tonight though.   

My little princess

Before the start of any new term, I like to make sure I get in as much time as possible with the little one, so we did have our mommy-daughter time this weekend. On Saturday, I took her to a place called Medieval Times, and she really enjoyed it. Basically it’s a place that serves a full dinner (that you have to eat with your hands), and entertains you with show that involves kings, queens, horses, and knights. It was pretty unique and my daughter enjoyed cheering for her knight and even catching the flower he threw to her. On Sunday, she received a last-minute invite to a birthday party at a go-kart facility. It was her first time in a go-kart, so she was nervous at first, but she ended up loving it. I didn’t get a chance to get in on the action, but I will definitely be making plans to go back in the future for a little post-exam fun with my classmates. It’s always nice to see a smile on her face, so I was happy to be able to witness her enjoy a new experience. Speaking of the little one, it’s about that time to go pick her up, so I will update you guys later. I hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!  

Ready to ride :-)

The helmet was bigger than her body! LOL


  1. You are a WONDERFUL mother Dr.D!!!

    1. Awww, thank you, Dr. K! The same can be definitely said about you!!!! :-)


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