Friday, December 23, 2016

My 3-year Blogiversary (Yay!), the End of My Plastic Surgery Rotation, and Holiday Relaxation!

Happy 3-year blogiversary to me!

Can’t believe I’ve managed to keep up with this thing as long as I have, but last Saturday I became a three-year blogger! It’s been fun sharing my experiences with the world and I hope to continue to bring you all more excitement in the coming years. I’m super appreciative of anyone who stops by to read my random musings, and I’m even more thankful to those of you who have kept up with my blog over the years. If it weren’t for all the support, comments, questions, etc., I probably would have stopped writing a long time ago, so THANK YOU for reading and continuing to stay with me. It really does mean a lot to me.

In other news, I finished my plastic surgery rotation last Friday and I miss it already. I had an amazing month, learned a lot, and met some pretty great people. I’ve pretty much enjoyed all of my rotations thus far, but this one was the best yet. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better surgery experience, and I can’t wait until I’m back in the operating room again. The coming months will be filled with a lot of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, and I look forward to new experiences and learning as much as I can on these upcoming rotations, but I will be patiently counting down the days until I get to have another surgery rotation.

Holiday selfie with Dr. Earl Stephenson and the staff of Signature Plastic Surgery

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I am looking forward to spending time with my family. I was supposed to make the drive today, but since my sister decided to take my daughter out of town for me today, I figured I would take the day to enjoy some much needed alone time. I had this week off and I will have next week off, so I have been thoroughly enjoying the first break I have had this year. This week I mostly got caught up with some things I’ve been procrastinating on, slept, and binged watched Netflix and it was awesome. I even had the opportunity to volunteer at my daughter’s class holiday party, which made her super happy. It’s not often that I’m able to participate in her school functions nowadays, so showing up and making her happy when I can makes me happy.  

But anyway, I hope everyone reading this was a wonderful Christmas full of love, laughter, and happiness. Being busy with medical school definitely makes me appreciate the rare moments I get to go see and spend time with my family, so I am looking forward to dealing with all the craziness and laughs this weekend will bring. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

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