Monday, May 12, 2014

100 Years, 5 Generations, and Lots of Love

Three generations of greatness waiting for the fifth to arrive

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Mississippi to celebrate my great-grandmother’s 100th birthday with her and my family. Most of my family traveled down for the special event, and it was truly a blessing to celebrate this joyous occasion. It had been about ten years since I last attended any type of family reunion, so it was very long overdue. Most people do not get the opportunity to have so many generations of family members together at one time, so I am truly thankful for the experience.

Recognized by the White House!

My great-grandmother gave birth to ten children, has 30 grandchildren, 65 great-grandchildren, and I forgot how many great-great-grandchildren. While the years have slowed her down a bit, she is still going strong. The highlight of the day was when she was presented with a certificate of recognition from the state of Mississippi, and also when she was given a letter signed by President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama. When I think about the fact that my great-grandmother has lived for a century, it really makes me appreciate the struggles she went through and how resilient she is. As a black female growing up in the Deep South, she has had to endure discrimination, segregation, racism, and many others things that I cannot even fathom. To be honest, I am happy that I was not alive during a large part of the past century. On the plus side, she has also witnessed change, hope, tolerance, and even the first black president. I guess being alive in the past century can be seen as both a blessing and a curse.

My Mother's Day Card from my little love :-)

Overall, it was a wonderful day filled with love, family, and good times. Before I left to make the drive home yesterday, I stopped by and wished my great-grandmother a happy Mother’s Day. She was fresh out of church and all smiles. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to make sure that I made it home in time to get my daughter ready for bed so that she wouldn’t be too tired for school this morning. It wasn’t a Mother’s Day filled with relaxation and nice brunches for me since I spent the entire day driving, but when I made it home my daughter handed me a home-made card that made everything worth it. Being a mother is a job that never stops, but it has its few golden moments. I am just glad that I got to spend the weekend with my mother, great-grandmother, and other women in my family. These are the women who made sacrifices so that I could have the life that I live today, and I am so indebted to them. They have also inspired me to never give up and to always work on becoming a better person. I pray that one day my legacy will be just as great.


Three generations: me, my mom, and my daughter

I love my daughter!

My daughter and her grandpa

I'm convinced my daughter was trying to do her best model pose LOL

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