Thursday, May 8, 2014

Let the Countdown Begin!

Is it too early to start a countdown to the first day of class??? LOL I feel like a little kid about to start school for the first time ever! And let’s not get started on my emotions. One day I’m extremely excited about starting medical school in the fall, and the next day I’m scared as hell and want it to take as long as possible for the first day of classes to arrive. Plus, it still feels like this is all a dream. The picture above pretty much describes my feelings about everything right now. I’m excited because I know I will succeed, but I’m anxious because I know that it will not be easy. Either way, I'm ready for the change, even if that means more stress, sleepless nights, and new challenges. I've worked really hard the past few years to get to this point, and my excitement pretty much trumps most of my negative feelings. In 102 days, it will be a new beginning for me and I'll be that much closer to accomplishing my dreams. It really doesn't get much better than that.

On another note, I now have less than two months before I leave my job. I've been trying really hard to stay productive and keep everything running smoothly, but a big part of me just wants to drop the mic and say "I'm out!" If only I didn't have these bills to pay lol. I do love my research though and most of the things that come with it, so it's not too hard for me to come into work every day. Still, I am really looking forward to July when I'll have a little over a month of absolutely no work or school to worry about. I don't think I've ever had any free time like that since graduating from high school almost a decade ago, so hopefully I'll embrace it. Right now, I have plenty of things to keep me busy, including working which I should be doing right now, so I hope everyone has a very wonderful and productive day!

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