Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dealing with Advice

I came across this picture on Instagram today and thought it would make for a great post. I’ve noticed that so many people love to give advice, but they don’t always have your best interests in mind when they do. Just because a particular path worked for one person, it does not mean that it will work out the same for you. I think a lot of people may have good intentions when they give advice, but they fail to take into account your situation and the resources that you have available. It’s also easy to come across people who are willing to tell you what you need to do to make it to a particular place, but they have never actually made it there themselves. I’ve seen this a lot lately on pre-medical forums where students who have not yet even been accepted into medical school tend to give the most advice on what you need to do to succeed. My suggestion is to take all advice with a grain of salt and do whatever works best for your situation. Do what works best for you because in the end, you’re the only one who has to deal with the consequences of your actions.  


  1. Hello,
    I saw your MCAT prep giveaway. I thought I would enter by commenting on this post, since this post is really what caused me to change many things in my life this semester of undergrad. Your blog has been an inspiration to me, but this particular post inspired me to make a change that I had been wavering on because other people discouraged me from making this change. I've made mistakes in my past because when I was faced with a decision, my own life was not the main focus. I was too busy thinking of how it would change someone else or how another person would view me. But, this post truly brought to my attention how I am so used to putting myself last when it comes to decisions. I appreciate this post and I love and enjoy your blog.
    If I were to choose between the packages, I would choose package B.
    Thank you for doing this giveaway. It's very kind of you.
    My unique code will be monquin. I can be reached at

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I have you down for package B :-) I can definitely relate to what you wrote, and I am glad that there is someone else out there who experienced similar feelings. Good luck to you this semester and beyond.

  2. Thank you Danielle. I have passed along this blog to other peers.

    1. You're welcome, Carrine. Thank you for spreading the word :-)


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