Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ready for Change

Today was my first day back to work after a very long and much needed Christmas vacation. My daughter also went back to school today, but due to freezing temperatures the start of classes were delayed until 10:30. I thought the delay was pretty crazy since it was only 22 degrees outside and there was no wind or rain, but that’s what happens in the south (LOL). I can’t stand the cold weather either, but after growing up in a military household and practically living everywhere, I can pretty much adapt to any environment. I’m just glad that I will get to stay in the south for medical school. The interesting thing is that even the city where I will soon be relocating to had a record temperature of 6 degrees today. Crazy!

But anyway, coming back to work today made me realize that I only have about six or seven months to go before my life undergoes a drastic change. I will be leaving a job with a set yearly salary and benefits to basically become a broke student again, and yet I am extremely happy about this. I love research, but I really do feel that medicine is my calling and I’m ready to pursue the next chapter of my life. I will also be leaving from a place that I have called home for the past nine years and moving to a completely different state. I’m lucky to be moving to the state that I am familiar with and where I lived for 2 years prior to attending college, but I’ve never had to make a major move since becoming a parent. I’m used to change, but my daughter isn’t so I guess I’m more concerned with how she’ll handle all the major changes that are coming. It’s a lot to take in when you really think about it, and I feel like I really need to start preparing for everything now. 

My plan is to go house/apartment hunting sometime in the near future, and I’m thinking that I should probably quit my job in June. This should give me enough time to move and get used to my new surroundings. I will also have to deal with registering my daughter for school, budgeting for the time when I will not have any income coming in, and getting everything I need for my first year classes. I just want the transition to go as smoothly as possible, but thinking about it all is a bit overwhelming. I’ve never been so excited about something and yet scared at the same time! Everyone says to relax and enjoy the time that I have now, but I’m so ready to start medical school and experience all that it has to offer. August can’t get here fast enough!

 Is there anyone else out there who feels the same?


  1. I moved to a new state (500 miles) last March to except a job with my daughter. I was so afraid for her but kids adapt so fast. My daughter excel in school, love the new state and activities. Advice to a single mom to another she will be fine. She have her days she miss our family but overall she is great!

    1. Thank you for that and it's definitely good to know! Growing up, I hated moving but that's because I was in a different place almost every year. The good news is we'll be moving to a place that has family close by, so now she'll have cousins to play with that she already knows.


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