Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

The picture above was posted by one of my friends on Facebook today and it’s one reason why I will definitely be living close to my school once I make the move to Georgia. It’s a picture of I-75, and apparently it’s taking people 3-6 hours to make a drive as short as 30 minutes! Having previously lived in Georgia and experienced the traffic on a good day, I can only imagine what people are going through right now. I hope everyone who is impacted by this weather is staying warm and keeping off the roads.

Meanwhile in Louisiana, everything was shut down today and will continue to be through tomorrow. I tried to be productive and make a trip to the post office earlier, but they decided to shut down at noon. Right now it’s 25 degrees outside and I’m starting to see white. The freezing rain didn’t really start for my area until around 12pm, so if I would have woke up earlier, I probably would have went into work and brought my daughter with me. The university where I work has been shut down, but I work in the veterinary hospital portion of the school so I can always go in if I need to. I’m just glad that I don’t do research that involves cultures or anything else that needs to be tended to every day. I had not planned on going into work this Friday, but it looks like that will be the case now and we won’t finish our experiment until next week. I guess the bright side is that I get a mini two-day vacation.

I know my readers who live up north are probably rolling their eyes, but there is a reason why everything shuts down in the south due to winter weather. We don’t have salt trucks to make the roads drivable and this can cause a lot of accidents. Just this past Friday there were over 200 accidents in my state alone because people don’t know how to drive in winter conditions. There isn’t really a need for all-weather tires either. Furthermore, the temperatures usually don’t get below 50 degrees in the winter, and a lot of people I know don’t have the proper attire to handle this weather. I’ve pretty much lived everywhere so I’m not afraid of the weather, but my car and the streets are now covered in ice so I’m not going anywhere! I’m about to get in my bed and enjoy a good book, so I hope everyone has a very nice and warm evening. 


  1. I live in Midtown Atlanta, and I have NEVER seen anything like what happened here last week. Pure madness. People didn't come claim their abandoned cars off of our street until Friday.

    We can't win for losing with the Yankees, so I just let them ramble on. I'd like to see them drive on the solid sheet of ice that overtook the city on Tuesday.

    I'm excited to hear about your experiences at PCOM! I'm applying this year, and it's one of my top choices (even though it means having to leave my beloved intown apartment).

    1. Madness is an understatement! I have family as far up as Kennesaw and it even took them more than 6 hours to drive a few miles! Glad you made it through safely!

      Good luck during the next application cycle! I thought PCOM was amazing and I hope you get accepted into all your choices :-)


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